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Spring is around the corner......

How do I know that Spring is around the corner.....? Yes of course the bulbs are all poking through the early morning frosts of this cold February week but its not these that alert garden designers - its the phone starting to ring again after what feels like such a long GREY winter.

I have started 3 small design projects in the last couple of weeks after phone calls from new clients and also been contacted by some of last years clients to start the next phase of their planting projects. The most exciting part of this beckoning spring for me will be to re-visit all the gardens we created last year that should really look stunning in their second full season.

I also have my own mammoth project this year, my own new gardens - front and rear of our 60's Berkhamsted house that we  moved into last September - but I know I will suffer the classic garden designer's downfall - always too busy on other peoples gardens to dedicate enough time to your own. Things are already changing in the garden everyday now I have yielded chainsaw and pruning saw to trees, shrubs and the awful leylandii that seem so prevalent in this age of house and garden and let more light into the garden.

Whatever your garden ambitions for the Spring and Summer ahead - don't leave it too late to phone a designer, landscaper or gardener for help, Spring is nearly here and with it an opportunity to really improve your outdoor space for this year and the years to come......